I normally try to stay away from controversial topics on my blog, but sometimes I come across something that just makes my blood boil and I can’t help myself. I read a piece in the newspaper a couple of days ago and it really hit me at the deepest level.

The newspaper here reported that there is a school in Tasmania in Australia that segregates the Special Needs children. At recess and lunchtime, they don’t get to go out into the schoolyard to play with the other children. They are herded into a fenced-off area by themselves. Apparently, that area is no bigger than a cricket pitch, with one small hut up one end where the children shelter from the hot sun or rain. It seems the children are so bored, they are digging holes around the perimeter and throwing their toys on the roof of the shed. Another school, once again in Tasmania, requires its Special Needs children to wear red hats to differentiate them from the other students.

What is wrong with these people? This is discrimination, pure and simple. How dare they treat these children this way? If the Special Needs children can’t mix with the rest of the children at this school, how on earth are they going to learn social interaction? How will they learn to fit in? I hope something is done about this because it’s inhuman and it makes me so angry to see this happening.

If you’re wondering why I’m so fired up, I have a Special Needs grandchild who is going to a fantastic mainstream school. But I can tell you something. If ever I heard that the school was discriminating against my grandson, I’d be the first in line, along with his parents, to lead the charge against the school.

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