It’s the middle of winter over here in Australia. When we were living in New South Wales, winters were miserable. Cold and often raining. That drizzly rain that just seems to go on and on. I’m afraid this old body has too many bones that ache when it’s cold and wet so I never looked forward to the winter months. Some people like the changes that come with the winter season. The leaves turning on the trees, the shorter days, the comfort of an open fire.  Me? I’m a summer girl. I love the heat and the sunshine, the fact that I can run around in a light layer of clothing.

So I’m pleased to say that now we’ve shifted, winters are a treat. Yes, we’ve had some cold days, but nothing like we experienced in our last place. Now the temperature is sitting on a nice 27 degrees, the sun is shining, my garden is full of flowers breaking into bloom, I’m running around in cotton cargo pants and t-shirt, or alternatively, a cotton summer frock. It’s warm enough I can take the laptop out beside the pool and write.

Now this type of winter I can take!
Winter? What winter?

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