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Saturday, May 31st, 2014

 Framed and Hung by Alexis Fleming

Publisher: Escape Publishing
Genre : Erotic Romance
eISBN: 9780857991621

Job satisfaction has never been this good…
If there’s one thing Zoe Chandler, Historical Restorations expert, knows, it’s that naked bankers aren’t supposed to look like Greek Gods. Honestly, it’s enough to make any woman pause. Luckily, Zoe is more of a take charge, rush in where angels fear to tread kind of girl, and she definitely has fantasies of rushing towards Jake. But Jake is a man who is all about control, and there’s no way he’s going to let Zoe run this show.
Nude paintings, blackmail, and mind-numbing sexual frustration…will either of them survive this project?

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‘Good evening, Lord. I’d ask you how it’s hanging, but I guess I can see the answer for myself.’ A gurgle of laughter accompanied the comment. ‘Now that’s what I call a resurrection.’

Jake jerked his head up and stumbled backwards, catching his balance at the last moment. The open mobile phone in his hand forgotten, he propped his fists on his hips and glared across at the person standing on the back patio. ‘Oi, what the hell do you think you’re doing?’

Damn kids. It was a good thing he’d moved in today rather than wait until the decorating was finished. Otherwise, God only knows what he would have found. Probably a whole group of teenagers shacking up in his mother’s new home.

‘Not exactly what I’d expect from a fine, upstanding banker,’ another voice, definitely female, commented, although a flowering shrub on the edge of the patio hid the person from view.

‘Oh, I don’t know.’ The owner of the first voice tilted her head on one side and stared across at him. ‘Hmm, it is rather…impressive, and it’s definitely upstanding. Well, sort of. Wonder how much incentive it’d need to snap to attention.’

Jake shook his head. What the hell were they going on about? ‘This is private property.’ For the moment, anyway. ‘You’re trespassing,’ he ground out through clenched teeth.

‘If that’s the case, what are you doing here?’ The female hooked her fingers into the top of the skimpy hipster shorts she had on and sauntered towards the edge of the patio. Cocky was how he would have described the attitude she projected. ‘You’re a bit old for squatting, aren’t you?’

‘Old? Old? I’ll have you know…’ Jake let the words peter out. He gritted his teeth and tried to get his thoughts in order. Christ, he was arguing with a kid. She couldn’t have been much more than 16, 17.
No more than five foot two, maybe five three at most, the interloper took the single step down from the patio and strutted over to him, a smile plastered on her face. A tight T-shirt showed off a decent set of breasts — at least a mouthful — and hugged a slender waist.

She’d tied her blonde hair up in pigtails either side of an elfin face, the features delicate, but with a hint of strength in the tapered jaw. Sensual lips curved into an enticing grin that invited you to share the moment with her, as if she held a secret that she just knew you’d enjoy.

Heat swept through him and his lower body tightened in reaction. Jesus, Drew wasn’t far off the mark. He needed to get a life. Here he was, fantasising about a freakin’ teenager, for crying out loud. Hell, he’d turned into a degenerate. Maybe his mother and brothers were right. All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy.

Or at least a twisted pervert.

‘I wish you kids would learn some decency instead of turning up where you’re not welcome. You know you’re breaking the law right now, don’t you?’

‘Decency, Lord?’ As she strutted along the path that led to the spa, she let loose with a hearty burst of laughter. ‘You have the balls to lecture me about decency and you’re standing there starkers? Oh, that’s priceless.’

With a cheeky grin, she allowed her gaze to track downwards. ‘And talking about balls — ’