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Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

I have another lovely pendant to give away this month, a 14k white Gold GF Swarovski crystals necklace.

All you have to do to go in the draw is send me an email through the Contact page on my website, including your postal address. Don’t forget to put DECEMBER CONTEST in the Comments section. The winner will be announced early February 2014.
Good luck everyone.

Winner of the October Contest

The winner of a download of the Mistletoe High Collection and a mystery Christmas gift of a Swarovski crystals necklace and bracelet set is Colleen C. Congratulations, Colleen, and thank you all for playing.

Never Too Old!!

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, mainly because I forget all about them or can’t keep them. Then I feel pissed off because I failed once again to keep a New Year’s resolution.  So this year, I decided instead to take a look back at the past year to see what I’ve achieved, even without setting resolutions at the beginning of 2013. And the one thing I realised? You’re never too old to learn new lessons.

On the career front I released a Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Hidden Fire, through Escape Publishing on June 1st 2013. I wrote another story called Framed & Hung and had it accepted for publication in 2014. I’ve also started two new stories, a full length and a novella. I’ve been a little frustrated that I’ve been so slow with my writing, but given I had such a long dry period after the death of my husband a little under three years ago, I guess I’ve done okay.

And as to what I’ve learned this past year? Hmm, where do I start?

I’ve learned to change a flat tyre on my car and I can now change the oil on said vehicle myself. Yah me, although I do wish the mechanic at the garage who last changed my tyre hadn’t put those wheel lugs on so tight. Lol

I can now use a nail gun and the electric drill and saw, and can do a lot of the maintenance on my house myself. I’ve learned to pave and now the area around my pool looks a real treat. So many things I never dreamed I’d be able to do. I even conquered my fear of standing high up on a ladder when I decided to repaint my pergola and erect a new cover over it. That worked so well that I then decided to build a shade house for my vegetable garden. Not bad for an old duck.

One of the biggest things I learned was not to feel guilty or wanting when people tell me that after two years I should be over the death of my husband. *snort* What a lot of bull. Walk in my shoes and then tell me that. Grief has its own timetable. I’ve learned I’m stronger than I thought I was. Yes, I still have bad days, but I cope.

So many things I’ve learned to do this past year, both physically and emotionally. I’ve learned the value of good friends, both on-line and off, people who feel more like family now.

But the most important? I’ve learned my children really are my greatest strength. My daughter, who is my best friend and who can read me like a book. And call me on it, even when I think I’m being so smart and hiding my feelings from her. My son, with whom I have the most incredible phone conversations. He challenges me and makes me think outside the box. Lol It’s good for me.
Both kids, in their own way, keep my head pointing in the right direction and make me face reality. I love you two, more than you’ll ever know.

When I look back, I realise this past year hasn’t been a total washout. I’ve learned a lot about myself and hopefully have grown.

What about you? What has this past year taught you?