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An author to watch

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

I’ve just come back from the Australian Romance Writers’ Conference when I met a fantastic new writer. Well, new for me.  I bought this author’s two book and had devoured them within three days.What a great read. I’ll definitely be on the watch for more stories from this author.

JJ Cooper


 (Taken from JJ’s Website)

According to Greek Mythology, Aphrodite had a wayward eye and a loyal son. When Eros gave Harpocrates a rose to keep quiet about his mother’s little indiscretions, the rose became a symbol for secrecy. This is a story Jay Ryan has never heard — until his hand is nailed to a table and a red rose tattooed onto his wrist.

 Jay is an interrogator with a dark past and a tortured soul; he’s also the keeper of secrets Israeli spies will kill to get their hands upon. Renowned for his skills, he is used to commanding a certain level of respect amongst his peers. Then one day Jay is drugged, tortured, tattooed and accused of rape. He is forced to reveal information that could further destabilise fragile Middle East relations and plunge the entire region into war. They are secrets he has struggled to keep hidden for four years — proof that the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ knew Israeli Mossad agents removed chemical weapons from Iraq before the launch of the 2003 invasion.

After escaping his captors, Jay discovers that he is wanted for crimes he didn’t commit and that his father has been kidnapped by his own intelligence agency. No-nonsense secret agent Sarah Evans and lively retired security guard William ‘Bill’ Hunter join Jay on a quest to get his father back alive and avoid Israeli spies hell-bent on eliminating them all. Together they uncover the truth behind two spy agencies playing a high-stakes game of espionage with a ‘winner take all’ mindset. After Sarah goes missing, Jay must choose between hunting his father’s kidnappers or saving Sarah and exposing Israel’s involvement in the removal of chemical weapons from Iraq.

This story gripped me and wouldn’t let me go until I’d finished the book. Hard-hitting, gritty, intense, full of fast-paced action, conspiracy, intrigue, plot twists that you just don’t see coming. The scary thing is, with all the military details in this story, you can imagine this really happening and that’s part of what made the story so gripping. I could go on and on, but I’d much rather you go read the book. You won’t be sorry. If you enjoy thrillers and conspiracy stories, you will love this book.


I could rave on about JJ Cooper’s second book, too, but I’m just going to say  “amazing, gripping, unforgetable” and allow the blurb, taken from JJ’s website to say it all.

Former army interrogator Jay Ryan is enjoying the quiet life after leaving the military far behind - or so he thinks. Because old habits die hard and he’s quickly thrust back into the thick of things when a disgruntled scientist, backed by the Australian security industry, develops a weapon of mass destruction - a hybrid strain of Anthrax - to be used to create panic in a population apathetic to crime prevention.

Only one batch of Anthrax inoculations can resist the deadly new strain, and it was given to five military interrogators. One of them was Jay Ryan. When the other four disappear, Ryan is the last interrogator left with the antibodies to defeat the deadly Anthrax strain.

Racing against time and hunted by rogue soldiers, mad scientists and an organisation that operates beyond the law, Ryan digs deep into his past for a chance at a future.

Go check out JJ’s website or catch up with him on Facebook or twitter. This is one author to watch.