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The Lodger

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

It’s ten o’clock on a cold winter night. It’s pouring rain in this quiet suburban street.

The lady of the house is preparing to go to bed, but decides to go out on the back patio to check out the rain and any possible flooding issues before bed. No sooner had she opened the sliding door than in hops a visitor. Yes, I did say hops…as in an inch long green frog. Maybe he’d had enough of the cold and constant rain. Maybe he was looking for something more to eat, something that isn’t water-logged. Whatever the reason, he’s quick. He scoots inside and immediately climbs up the inside of the sliding door. Right to the very top.

Now the lady of the house isn’t keen on anything that moves on four legs…besides your average house cat or dog, that is. She doesn’t like insects, amphibians(even if they are only one inch long), or anything that remotely resembles a snake. Although she’d rather deal with a snake. At least then she can rely on her ten-foot long, trusty shovel to deal with the intruder. Not possible with this little green fellow. She doesn’t want to kill him, just remove him back to the garden. She doesn’t want a house guest, lodger, visitor or boarder, thank you very much.

So there she is, flapping dish towel in one hand, step stool in the other. Up the stool to reach the top of the window. Back down again when the visitor decides to vacate and try the dining table. Then it’s climbing under the table, jumping up at the window, over the couch, on hands and knees and reaching under the couch. All because this little fellow wanted in out of the rain.

I did finally manage to capture him in the dish cloth and transport him outside and pop him on the pool fence. At the time it was annoying to say the least. Me in my nightie crawling around trying to catch this thing. In retrospect, funny as anything. My family would have laughed themselves silly if they’d seen Mom’s antics. lol