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ISBN -13: 978-1-906328-67-2
:  Contemporary
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Who's Your Daddy

Also includes stories by Lyn Cash, Summer Devon

WANTED: Sperm Donor #69. Tired of using a test tube? Sick of the sterility of the lab? If so, come join me for two weeks of red-hot lovin.' Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Mandy Dobbs wants a baby before her biological clock implodes. A withdrawal from a donor bank smacks too much of buying a baby for Mandy's sensibilities so she comes up with a plan. Track down Sperm Donor #69, the father of three clients' babies, and do things the old-fashioned way.

Travis McCloud seems to be that man. But there's just something about him that doesn't add up.

What will Mandy's reaction be when she finds out Travis McCloud has been using her for his own agenda?

Alexis Fleming, Lynne Cash and Summer Devon present readers with a delightfully realistic look at the aspect of fertility clinics from several different angles with delightful results. Each story is unique, witty and told with enough heat and emotional tone to keep readers engrossed in the pages. Kudos ladies, WHO'S YOUR DADDY? is an insightful thought-provoking read and a wonderful book to add to your keeper file.
~ Romance Junkies, 5 Blue Ribbons

".a nice blend of romance and spice to please many fans across the romance genre."
~ Novel Talk

"Their lovemaking is incredibly sexy and the shower scene - wow!  This was a great short story and I really enjoyed it - I'll definitely look for other works by this author."
~ Simply Romance Reviews





He brushed against her. Not much, just enough that she'd feel his cock. "Make you a deal." He pressed a little harder. "If I prove I can turn you on, will you at least think about it?"

Breath held, he waited for her reply. As an added incentive, he bent his legs a fraction so the hard ridge of his erection aligned perfectly with the apex of her thighs. Then he tilted his hips and rubbed against her pussy. Heat flooded his system and he struggled to keep his breathing even.

"You game?" he managed to mutter.

"You reckon you're man enough?"

She flicked him her superior smart-bitch-lawyer look and for a moment, he wanted to retaliate. Until he spotted the rapid rise and fall of her breasts and the hand clenched at her side. Hah, she wasn't as calm as she tried to make out.

He pushed himself against her again. "Baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet."

Travis rubbed the hard length of his cock against her pussy and need spiralled through Mandy. She let out a shaky gasp and closed her eyes a moment. Hunger raged through her blood as sensation bombarded her. He'd pushed her skirt up to her hips and the only thing between them was his dark trousers and the silky fabric of her panties. Panties that were now damp from the moisture flooding her core. The warm air of a Sydney summer brushed against her exposed legs, adding to the sensations overwhelming her.

"Oh God, we ca-can't do this," she stuttered. The scourge of the law courts and she could hardly sting together a sentence.

"Woman, you all but dared me to prove my manhood. You think I'd walk away from that?" He straightened, pulling her closer, one long leg sliding between her thighs.

At the added pressure, her clit gave an insistent throb. A groan feathered across her lips. When he shifted his leg a fraction, a shudder rippled down her spine, the breath caught in her throat. God help her, he'd hardly touched her and she was about to combust.

She dared a look at his face, expecting to see a smug grin. Instead, his eyes were hooded, his smile appealing in a little-boy-lost way. Where was the arrogance he normally heaped on her head?

"Let yourself go. What have you got to lose?" he whispered, lowering his head to brush his lips against hers.

Only her self-esteem if he turned her on and then laughed at his victory.

*If* he turned her on?

Shit, he'd already done that and with very little effort. There was only one way to handle this. Turn the tables on him. Make *him* the one who walked away with wobbly-leg syndrome.

With that thought in mind, she grabbed his shoulders and pulled herself further up his leg until the hard bulge of his engorged cock nested against her pussy. Rocking her hips, she applied pressure, gratified when he groaned. She grinned. *Oh yeah, he was well on the way.*

"You're playing with fire there, Ms. Lawyer," he growled. "You're about to get burned, lady."

He swooped and caught her mouth in a drugging kiss. When his tongue probed at her lower lip, she opened to him, gasping when he slid inside, twining his tongue with hers. She wanted to scream when he withdrew. Dammit, she hadn't finished tasting yet. But then, it appeared, neither had he.

First he drew her lower lip between his teeth, nipping lightly. When she moaned, the sound soft and needy, he swept the tip of his tongue across the tingling curve before plunging deep again, imitating the movement of her hips. His hands clasped her ass, kneading the full cheeks as he supported her weight.

For a moment, the thought that someone might see them nagged at Mandy, but as Travis tilted his hips and thrust forward, the thought slipped away. She gave herself up to the feelings clamouring for release.

Heat spiralled through her as she ground her clit against his cock, rubbing until the friction was where she wanted it. Her breathing accelerated and tension coiled tight in her belly. Hands trembling, she pulled herself closer until her breasts rubbed against his chest. It did nothing to ease the throbbing of her nipples.

Travis braced her against the side of the car and freed one hand. Without a break in the pumping of his hips, he palmed her breast, tweaking the hard nipple between thumb and forefinger. The sensation bordered on pain, quickly morphing into white-hot heat that surged through her bloodstream until it centred in her pussy. Mandy's movements grew more frenzied, jerky and uncoordinated.

"Are you turned on yet?" Travis whispered in her ear before he caught the soft lobe between his teeth. "Is this enough, or do you want to feel my cock buried snugly in your hot cunt before you'll believe I'm man enough?"

He slid his hand between their bodies and inserted his fingers inside her panties. Mandy struggled for breath. When he parted the swollen labia and flicked at her clit, she about passed out from the fiery rush of sensation.

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