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Hit and Miss

Co-written with Lyn Cash

Nothing like a little foray into BDSM to make a girl feel good about herself.

When Kat Toomy discovers her lover cavorting on her bed in her underwear with his best buddy, she knows it's time to kick his butt out of there and go looking for something to restore her confidence in herself.

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Kat's girlfriends offer her a weekend away on a tropical Australian resort that specialises in fulfilling fantasies and she's all for it, particularly when she meets her new Master, Gabe Carpenter, who can turn her on with the flick of a button.

But how will Kat and Gabe feel when they find out they've been set up?



“…an absolutely adorable love story that will keep you laughing…the plot was totally phenomenal and one of the best I've seen. I'm not kidding. The conclusion to this teasing tale totally surprised me and had me giggling like a schoolgirl! Go out and get this book right away for an enjoyable read.
~4 Hearts – Priscilla – NightOwl Romance





"You are not going to believe this. I've been stung by Cupid." She sat back and waited for Marly and Julia's reactions, not expecting the choking sounds coming from the man at the next table. She cast a quick glance over her shoulder to find him staring at her with a worried look on his face.


"What on earth are you talking about?" Marly shook her head. "I'm sorry, sweetie, but I think stress is getting to you." She toyed with the plastic decorations in the centre of their table.

Kat grinned. "Oh? Then how do you explain this?" She held up the miniature gold arrow she'd extracted from her ass.

Julia took one look and burst out laughing. "It must have been on the seat.

I've read about impaling yourself on a turgid member, but this takes the cake. How about that? Pricked in the butt by Love. "

The man next to them spluttered again. Kat frowned. Just what was going on with him? Hell, she didn't need to be a rocket scientist to work it out.

He was probably sitting over there laughing his butt off at her. Normally, that would have pissed her off, but damn, he was kind of cute. Maybe she should ask him to join them. It would give her a chance to get to know him.

Before she could do more than flick him a quick grin, Julia reached across the table and snatched the little arrow away from Kat.

"Hey, this is metal." She held it up to the light and twisted it around in her hand. "I could be wrong, but this looks like real gold. It's definitely not a toy."

Kat snagged it out of Julia's hand and tucked it away in her handbag. "All the more reason to keep it. I don't really believe in Cupid, but it's probably the closest I'll get to finding love now Jason, the turd, has decamped."

A draft of cool air suddenly wafted across the table. Goosebumps rose on her arms and Kat shivered. She turned her head quickly from side to side. If she hadn't thought she was going crazy, she would have sworn she'd seen something-a shadow, highlighted with a glint of gold-from the corner of her eye. How strange.

"Ahh, we might be able to do something there."
Kat forgot the eerie sensation and concentrated on her friends. "Do something about what?

Julia cast a secretive grin towards Marly. "We've decided to give you a gift."

Aww, that's really sweet of you, but it's not necessary. Just ignore my whining. My heart's not broken." She chuckled. "My ego's a bit bent out of shape is all, and I'm as frustrated as hell after three months of mediocre sex, but otherwise I'm good."

This time their neighbour sniggered. Kat frowned in his direction, but in the face of his sexy smile, couldn't keep it up.

"My offer to.bite you.still stands," he quipped.

Kat just grinned and shook her head. Hey, this guy could be a lot of fun when he forgets to play the grump.

Marly leaned across the table, her chubby face alight with mischief. "If you could take one weekend away and do whatever you wanted, what would it be?"

Kat gurgled with laughter. "Oh, that's easy. Meet some hot sexy stud." For a moment, her mind focused on her neighbour. ".and get screwed six ways to Sunday for two whole days." Not caring that the man next to them could no doubt hear every word, she continued. "I am so horny you wouldn't believe it. Hmm, maybe I'll go in for a little BDSM while I'm at it."

She snorted at Julia's look of surprise. "No, I'm not into pain, but just imagine how much of a turn-on it would be if a man came to you masked and forced you to submit to him. And you wanted to, because you were so wet you couldn't think about anything else but him impaling you on his turgid member."

As she studied the looks on the faces of her friends, laughter caught her up again and she rolled back in her chair. In lots of ways, Marly had always been pretty straight-laced and it cracked Kat up to see her reaction.

"You'd do that?" Marly's eyes were so wide, the white of her eyeballs almost swallowed the blue of her iris.

"In a heartbeat," Kat responded. Then Marly surprised her. She turned to
Julia with her usual cheeky grin and gave a thumbs-up signal.

"You got all that, Julia?" She snapped a smart salute at Kat. "Cupid's apprentices Marly and Julia are about to grant your wish. We're sending you to L'Amore for the weekend. You'll be back in time for work on Monday."

"Huh? L'Amore? The fantasy love island with the fancy resort off the coast of Queensland? You're kidding me."

"Nope," Julia cut in. "Two days of debauchery coming up. We feed your data into their computer and they match you up with your perfect partner for the weekend. Just think! Two days of sand, surf and sex on a tropical island.

You up to it, Katherine Toomy?"

"Yeah, baby, bring it on. I'm getting hot just thinking of it."

Julia leaned closer and dropped her voice to a whisper. "You're not the only one getting hot. Check out the look on the face of the guy behind you. He's just about salivating."

Kat moved her chair around a little more so she could eyeball the man at the table next to them without craning her neck. His glasses rode the tip of his nose. His eyebrows almost disappeared into his hairline. A dark flush tinted his cheeks.

For a moment, she felt a twinge of embarrassment at her sexual fantasies.

Then she shrugged it away and tipped him a wink. "Hey, you into bondage?

Shame about the glasses though. I don't think they'll fit under a mask."


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