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Samhain Publishing
ISBN : 1-59998-017-7
Print: 1-59998-127-0
: Erotic Contemporary Romance
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A Handyman's Best Tool

What's a girl to do when a sexy builder offers to be her tutor in the bedroom department?

Three times dumped for not being adventurous in bed, Beth-Ann Harris is ripe for a steamy affair, of course. Particularly when the man in question is Riley Osborne, the same guy who once told Beth-Ann she'd never turn him on.

Now it's time to make Riley sit up and take notice. Problem is she didn't expect to find herself in love, a terrifying idea for a girl who equates love with giving up control of her life.

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Riley Osborne loves women, but after his parent's sorry attempt at marriage, and his own experience with a fiancée from hell-well, heck, he'd be darn stupid to stick his head in that noose. But that doesn't mean he can't play. When he arrives to fix Beth-Ann's ceiling and she asks if he's come to plug her hole, he quickly offers his services in the bedroom as well. It's all meant to be a bit of fun but before he knows it, he's committed and is demanding she make an honest man of him.

"A 5 Pink Hats Off Salute to Alexis Fleming for a wonderfully written story with endearing characters, great humor and sizzling hot sex. I was hooked from the first line.I laughed out loud and knew I was going to enjoy this book. This story is a fun read and will have you checking out Ms. Fleming's other stories. A Handyman's Best Tool will make it to your keeper shelf. Enjoy!"
~ Pink Posse, 5 Pink Hats

"Alexis Fleming has done a wonderful job of creating characters that make realizations for all the right reasons in this sinfully sizzling story. The added tension of the external conflict, brought sincere emotion to their relationship. The supporting cast was well rounded and brought many smiles to this reader's face."
~  Diana at Romance Divas, 4 Kisses

"I enjoyed this book and could have used a cold drink during the reading of it. It was a steamy story and had so much fun with double entendres through out the story line."
~ Erotic Escapades, 5 Tattoos

"From the explosive first page until the very end, the reader will be mesmerized and held captive until the very last word. Ms Fleming has written about two very special people, very sensuous, sexy and hot, but very deep with their own fair share of baggage to lug around. Ms Fleming has done a wonderful job of getting into the emotions of these two characters and the reader can feel each one."
~ Love Romance, 5 Hearts

"To put it in a nutshell: sassy, naughty fun!...This story is charmer from start to finish in very naughty fun way."
~  Just Erotic Romance Reviews, 4 Stars

"A Handyman's Best Tool is a winner in my book. Full of laughter, life and extremely hot sex, it kept me enthralled from beginning to end. I am happy to say that Alexis Fleming continues to be on my automatic read list and I am sure that other readers will feel the same way after reading A Handyman's Best Tool. I simply adored it!"
~ Joyfully Reviewed

"Filled with double entendres and sexy talk, A Handyman's Best Tool will have readers chuckling right off the bat. A Handyman's Best Tool is one you won't want to miss."
~  Romance Reviews Today

"Alexis Fleming has crafted a remarkable, mischievous story with A Handyman's Best Tool that is sure to curl a reader's toes. This sexually charged book is filled with spicy romance and great suspense. Besides the intensely sexual tension, this book also contained many funny parts and a great mystery. I took great pleasure in reading A Handyman's Best Tool and I look forward to future works by Ms. Fleming."
~  The Romance Studio, 4 ½ Hearts

"Flirting, romance and sensuality are all key to A Handyman's Best Tool. Alexis Fleming keeps readers on tenderhooks."
~  Fallen Angel Reviews, 4 Angels

"This is an excellent story. The characters are lively and the dialogue very witty and loaded with humor.well written and full of extremely hot love scenes. The secondary characters are equally vivid, making the reader feel part of the story. I could not put this one down once I started, and will definitely look for more by Ms Fleming."
~  Coffee Time Romance, 4 Cups

"A Handyman's Best Tool has some true comedy mixed in to the sexual innuendos that will have you cracking up. Ms. Fleming sure knows how to write some hot love scenes though, and uses her fertile imagination to plot out some very interesting scenarios. All in all A Handyman's Best Tool is a fun read you will enjoy."
~ Euro Reviews




"Are you the man who's going to plug my hole?"

  Riley Osborne's eyes boggled. His mouth dropped open and he stared at the little pixie in front of him. Surprise kept him frozen on the spot for a moment. He shook his head and tried to gather his scattered wits. Freakin' hell, he couldn't believe a woman had just said that to him. I know I have a dirty mind, but I don't even think she's aware how that sounded.

  He couldn't help himself. His zany sense of humor demanded he answer in kind. The weighted toolbox connected with his thigh as he propped one hip against the door jam. "What would you like me to plug it with?" Despite his best efforts, his smile broke free.

  She frowned and blinked her eyes as if she needed time to assimilate his question. Big, baby blue eyes, with the thickest, darkest lashes he'd ever seen. She couldn't be more than five feet...five-one at the most. Dark red hair, at the moment dripping wet, hung in corkscrew twists that fell forward over her shoulders.

  He wondered what color it'd be when it was dry. If he knew women-and he did-he'd hazard a guess that the red was real, not a bottle job. He could be wrong, but she had the fair skin that went with red hair and a sprinkling of little freckles across her nose. Cute.

  "Um, what do you suggest we use?" she said with a frown.

  She raised her hand and tried to push the wet curls back from her face. He would have to be blind not to notice the way her tee shirt pulled across her breasts. It didn't help that the top was soaked. Damp fabric and the obvious fact that she didn't have a bra on. Hell of a combination. Wonder if she knows white material is almost see-through when it's wet? 

  Riley straightened up and stepped over the threshold. The little pixie backed up a pace to allow him entrance. His grin was pure devilment. He had to say it. There was no getting away from it. He just couldn't ignore that perfect opening sentence.

  "Hmm, let's see. There are certain things designed especially for filling holes. Tailor-made, you might say. Depends on what your specific needs are. Soft and malleable works fine for some. Then there's hard and rigid, but with surprising strength. A little heat behind it and it will amaze you what can happen."

  Beth-Ann Harris allowed his words to sink deep. A slow curl of fire ignited low in her belly. Her face burned with a flush of heat.   Surely he hadn't said.?

  She looked into his chocolate-brown eyes and saw the twinkle. And the oh-so-sexy smile on his face. Hot damn, he was coming on to her.

  With a frown, she cast her mind back over what she'd said when she'd flung open the door. As she picked up on the sexual connotation implicit in that simple little question, her eyes widened. Lord, she was at it again. Terminal foot in mouth disease. All she ever did was open her mouth long enough to change feet.

  Her immediate reaction was to take him to task. Instead, she hesitated. It had been a bitch of a day. Heck, the last forty-eight hours had been a nightmare.

  First that jerk, Brad, dumped her for not being adventurous in bed. For crying out loud, they hadn't even got as far as going to bed. Not that he'd really dumped her. He'd told her she needed to go away and rethink what she wanted out of a relationship with a man. It was at that point she'd walked out, his comment that he'd be in touch ringing in her ears.

  If he'd been a bit more particular about personal hygiene, she might have been willing to discuss the idea of going down on him. As it was, the whole thing was a total turn-off.

  She wasn't a prude by any means. As far as she was concerned, as long as both partners were comfortable, anything was fair game between the sheets. But, come on, there had to be at least a strong physical attraction there, and with that bozo, she'd only just been getting to know him. What she'd seen to date hadn't impress her in the least.

  Okay, he hadn't been important to her. Her emotions weren't involved and it had only been their second date. Heaven knows why she'd let him talk her into going back to his apartment. The squalor in his home had given her a pretty good idea that she wasn't far off the mark in her assessment of the guy. She could tell a lot from the way a man lived.

  Damn, this had become a habit. A girl could get bent out of shape after being ditched three times in a row because she wouldn't play kinky games.

  For some reason she always attracted the wrong type of guy. She didn't want a lifelong relationship, but a bit of steamy one-on-one wouldn't go amiss. She needed a red-hot fuckfest to raise her sexual self-esteem because it had sure taken a beating in the last six months. 

  Put your money where your mouth is, Beth-Ann. She had the perfect specimen right in front of her and he wanted to play.

  She backed up into the flat, hands on hips to emphasize her tiny waist. "And which one would you recommend?" She lowered her voice to a husky drawl, dragging in a deep breath to push her breasts high.

  His gaze slid down the front of her tee shirt. She knew her breasts weren't big, but they were enough to catch his attention. And the soggy fabric sure helped matters somewhat. She should have been embarrassed, but she wasn't. If anything, she was titillated and eager to see how far he'd go.

  "Hot and hard will do it for me every time," he drawled. The toolbox dropped from his hand and hit the tiled floor with a heavy clunk. He leaned back against the door and hooked his thumbs through the belt loops of his tight blue jeans.

  Boy, talk about confidence. This guy had it in spades. She conducted her own examination. He was so darn tall, she had a mental picture of having to stand on a chair to kiss him goodnight. Or perch two steps up on the nearest staircase with him on the other side of the railing. Hard to get hot and heavy when a metal bar comes between a girl and the object of her lust.

  She raised her eyebrows. "So you reckon heat does the best job, do you?"

  "Sure does, ma'am." He straightened up and moved away from the door, his hands spread wide. "I'm a builder. Would I lie to you?"

  Something about his tone of voice and even the fact he'd called her ma'am struck a cord deep in her mind. She tried to pin it down, but it was too elusive. One thing was for certain, she had a strange sensation she knew this man. How weird. There's no way she'd forget someone like this. So why did she have such a strong sense of recognition?

  She shook the thought away and concentrated on her sexy visitor. Backing up even further towards the far side of the living room, she lowered her brows in what she hoped was a come-hither look. "Okay, Mr. Hot and Hard, prove it. Fill my hole up."

  Riley almost choked as he fought to contain the crack of laughter bubbling up inside him. She was outrageous, and one hell of a lot of fun. Today had been a totally shitty day and he didn't have the time to deal with the insurance side of R & J Constructions. That was his father's field of operation. Only problem was, John, his dear old dad, was at home in bed with a cold. Mind you, if dear old dad ran into little pixies like this one, he wouldn't mind taking on the work.

  When the woman reached out, grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him closer, he grinned in anticipation. She gave a sudden jerk and pranced away from him, her finger pointed at the ceiling. Without thought, he looked up. And in an instant, regretted his action.

Cold water trickled down onto his face from the foot-wide, gaping hole in the ceiling. Underneath was a soggy bunch of towels to sop up any further downfall. Off to one side were two full buckets of water.

  The little witch. She'd caught him good and proper. That would teach him to mess with the customers, even if she was officially his dad's client and not his.

  Stepping back, he shook the rain from his hair and wiped a hand over his face. He started to laugh. Oh, she was good. She'd really had him going. "Your hole, I presume?"

  She simply raised her eyebrows and grinned at him.

  "Let me get my toolbox and ladder and I'll see what damage has been done."

  "Want me to help you carry your...tool?"


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